POKEMON GO BASICS : 7 Things that you have to know

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POKEMON GO BASICS : 7 Things that you have to know about Pokemon Go game

pokemon go basics

Pokemon Go is in vogue nowadays and while countless of people are playing it and also running around catching Pikachus and locating PokeStops, there are thousands who are clueless concerning this video game and have no idea exactly what it’s all about.

Pokemon Go is not like any other game that has ever been released. It uses augmented reality and you’ll need to be very active in order to do well in the game. Most video games require you to sit in some fixed spot and play the same scenarios over and over till your skills get good enough for you to make it to the next level.

With Pokemon Go, you will not be sitting in any one spot for long. You’ll need to walk around and follow your map as you look for Pikachus to capture, wild creatures to battle or Gyms to dominate.

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