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James costume wig disguise


When your child is out on missions to catch Pokemon, he can’t spend any time worrying about whether his hair is that perfect hue of purplish-blue. He needs to spend all of his time concentrating on capturing that Pikachu! That’s why he needs this James costume wig disguise. it perfect recreates the color and style of the anime character’s hair, so your child won’t have to worry about it as he’s concocting the next evil plan with Jesse and Meowth.

James may have failed at stealing Pikachu more times than we can count, but he passes with flying colors when it comes to having sweet hair. This James costume wig disguise recreates the Pokemon character’s slick do, so your child can have perfect hair no matter what he’s trying to do. (We assume you’ll be sending him off to steal one of Ash’s Pokemon).

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  • James costume wig Synthetic hair on mesh cap w/ elastic edge
  • Wig cosplay Tousled style w/ center part
  • Officially licensed James costume wig disguise